Chapter 123
A song of ascents. 1 To you I raise my eyes, to you enthroned in heaven.
Yes, like the eyes of a servant on the hand of his master, Like the eyes of a maid on the hand of her mistress, So our eyes are on the LORD our God, till we are shown favor.
Show us favor, LORD, show us favor, for we have our fill of contempt.
We have our fill of insult from the insolent, of disdain from the arrogant.
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1 [Psalm 123] A lament that begins as a prayer of an individual (Psalm 123:1), who expresses by a touching comparison exemplary confidence in God (Psalm 123:2). The psalm ends in prayer that God relieve the people's humiliation at the hands of the arrogant (Psalm 123:3-4).

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