Chapter 125
A song of ascents. 1 Like Mount Zion are they who trust in the LORD, unshakable, forever enduring.
As mountains surround Jerusalem, the LORD surrounds his people both now and forever.
2 The scepter of the wicked will not prevail in the land given to the just, Lest the just themselves turn their hands to evil.
Do good, LORD, to the good, to those who are upright of heart.
But those who turn aside to crooked ways may the LORD send down with the wicked. Peace upon Israel!
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1 [Psalm 125] In response to exilic anxieties about the ancient promises of restoration, the psalm expresses confidence that God will surround the people as the mountains surround Zion (Psalm 125:1-2). The just will not be contaminated by the wicked (Psalm 125:3). May God judge between the two groups (Psalm 125:4-5).

2 [3] The land given to the just: literally, "the lot of the just." The promised land was divided among the tribes of Israel by lot (Numbers 26:55; Joshua 18). The just are the members of the people who are obedient to God. If the domination of the wicked were to continue in the land, even the just would be infected by their evil attitudes.

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